Jul 9, 2009 at 10:23 AM

Just looking at the last activity dates, which appear to have only been when the project was first uploaded...and of course several people between both codeproject and codeplex that have posted fixes, problems, and questions.  With no changes, updates, or even postings in the discussions; and since he's clearly active on another project (if you look at his profile activity), I'm curious if Tom69 is doing more with this or is this project abandoned?  He's selected not to allow direct messaging, so I'm trying to contact through here.

If it is abandoned, I am seriously considering a major rewrite and restructure of Fluid to suit the needs of an app I'm about to build.  I'd like to know from Tom if he's got either an objection or a new version in the works.

Jul 10, 2009 at 10:34 PM

Yeah it seems like it is abandoned. Too bad because I had some questions to the developer regarding the usage of some control. For example I can't get de ScrollPanel to work together with de FluidPanel. See here 

It would be great if someone could pick this project up and make it better. The suite itself is really nice but needs allot of finetuning.

Jul 10, 2009 at 11:09 PM

If I do pick it up, I'll be making some pretty major changes.  My main goals will be to make it easier to use, as in out-of-the-box easy.  In it's current state, I don't see any way to use the list without subclassing almost every control involved.  It's definitely a time saver, but it's too much to do just to accomplish some of the simpler tasks.

I'd also create a set of simple examples, I think the PasswordSafe example is great for demonstrating a full size app, but it's a little much without documentation.  I'd try for docs, but I've never been too good with documenting...besides, samples are worth more to most people anyway.

I also have some ideas for some performance improvements and an extended set of controls that could possibly bring this a step closer to the types of animations that are more common on the iphone.  I also vaguely wonder if it'd be possible to do both an OpenGL ES version of this alongside the GDI+ version, just for the performance boost that capable devices would benefit from.

I must admit though, I'm still only just getting into the code, and the biggest problem for me is that it'll always be taking a back seat to the project it's being done for and the fairly large website I have to build to support the other project.  I'm not sure I can commit to doing any more than the features I'd need.  I'd still appreciate feedback from the original developer just for the sake of knowing his position and if he's already planning some updates.  If updates are forthcoming, then I'd rather see the project remain in a single path rather than branching off and having potentially competing lines (I know some people say it's good, but I think it's just a waste when a few great features exist in separate branches and should just be merged).

Jul 11, 2009 at 12:26 PM

Hello everybody,

Against the rumors, that this project is abandoned, this is not true. Though I have a job to do and a lot of other projects I'm working on, I have plans for a new release of Fluid with major improvements for editable templates and new 6.5 like control styles and animations.

I'm really sorry, for not responding to questions, but the public discussions are only the pinnacle of the iceberg, since I also receive a lot of mails with questions. If I would really answer all questions, it would be a full day job, so I decided not to but still recognize them and include requests to further releases silently.


Aug 12, 2009 at 9:38 AM


I'm also working on a project with your control suite and checks from time to time to see if there some news/updates.

I also wonder in which way this suite could be updated to propose more controls and maybe become a competitor to commercial control suites for Windows Mobile (I didn't find any good control suite that mimics iPhone UI [clients requests for it, so the poor developer I am has to obey and develop...] correctly and with a good set of controls).

I already implemented some new controls top of your base code :

  • Extended Button (a button where the shape is made of a series of images with alpha transparency)
  • Progress bar
  • Modal MessageBbox
  • PictureBox with alpha transparency

And I'm starting implementing some other iPhone like controls (such as a switch button [i.e. On/off], the "wheel list", ...).

I think also of a complete animation framework for sliding, wiping, zooming effect for the controls. So if you need ideas or help I think there would some developers to work on (at least speed_pour and me).

* I can't release the controls I created for now as I coded them to suit my needs and not focused on making them 'framework ready', but this could be done easily.