FluidList Item Height

Nov 24, 2009 at 3:38 PM

When I set the ItemHeight of a FluidListBox, it does not turn out as expected. It seems to change the height of something since the text in the list items is lower - as if centered in a heigher control, but the list items themselves maintain their small height and clip the captions.

Here's the code.

            fluidHost1.Bounds = this.ClientRectangle;

            FluidPanel mainPanel = new FluidPanel(0, 0, fluidHost1.Width, fluidHost1.Height);

            BindingList<object> source = new BindingList<object>();

            const int headerHeight = 32;
            const int spacing = 3;
            FluidListBox flb = new FluidListBox(spacing, headerHeight + spacing * 2, fluidHost1.Width - spacing * 2, fluidHost1.Height - headerHeight);
            flb.DataSource = source;
            flb.BorderColor = Color.LightGray;
            flb.SelectedForeColor = Color.Red;
            flb.ItemHeight = 32; //this is the line I expect to resize the list items

Thanks in advance for any help.